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[icon] Average. Everyday. Sane. Psycho. SUPER GODDESS.
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Subject:my first update in like 77 years
Time:03:10 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
hellloooo everyoneeee!!!!!!

ok, the first semester of college ends next week. this went really fast. sooo much has happened. and, i really don't know why i haven't updated. oh well.

i've been really studious; its surprising. my grades more or less show for it as well. at midterms, my gpa was a 3.6, which i was really happy about. i hope it either stays the same or goes up after finals. my classes are pretty easy though. i'm taking 4 core classes, and one for my major which is education. the 4 core: english composition, math for educators (hehe its soo easy!), elementary latin I, and theology. my education class is child psychology which is awesome. overall, i enjoy my classes. the teachers are all really good. i have a jesuit-ray schroth, for theology, and we tend to lock horns coz he is very liberal and i'm...just..not. but he's definitely like a brilliant man.

i write for the pauw wow which is our school newspaper. i write conservative opinion articles. they have gotten the whole school taking, speaking both for and against my writings. its awesome; its one of the perks of going to a small school i suppose. i'm also in the chorale group, i cantor sunday masses here, i'm in pax christi and i am involved in campus ministry. i'm having a good time with my extracurriculars.

as for guys, well..i'm just looking for right now. theres a few that i'd like to see myself with, but who knows. i guess it will happen when the time is right,

i have the best friends ever though!!! some are like my good friends and others i hang out with every so often but they're still awesome. liz, (of course, my bffl and roomie), lisa, lex, audra, joe, juan, dan, kaitlyn, pete, katrina, liz....awesome group of people. i'm lucky. i drink every now and then; i try not to make a habit of that. its just a healthier option i think. its working out well. i'm also trying not to gain tons of weight. recently i've been eating poorly. i guess i just have to watch that too.. oh life.

well, im excited to go home for break, but i'm going to miss it here. but i get to see my laco loves as well as anthony and brianna over break so im very excited.

well, thats all. i like how i manage to squeeze four months into a page lol. today was a snow day so that was awesome. tonight is my christmas party with work so i'm looking forward to that. laterr
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Subject:umm k, yea...its been a while again
Time:01:48 pm
yea, anyone can clearly see that i have a hard time updating this lol.

since my last update, my life has become something amazing..and that is all i have to say.

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Current Music:just lose it
Time:09:18 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
ok, lets review christmas:

it was really fun and i got some nice stuff:

-COACH BAG!!!! its brown with leather and suede
-2 different The Sims games for Playstation 2
-pink sweater
-pajama pants
-gift cards (Sephora, Mandee, oh and Shop Rite ( umm, thank you Shop Rite for that thoughtful and original gift lol)
-a watch
-Saved by the Bell seasons 3 and 4 (which goes great with seasons 1 and 2 that ash, em, and nic bought me haha)
-crystal bracelet

my sister got a 20GB iPod which I'm currently using lol. so yea, we share. food was delicious as well. o0mg, i ate soo much. soo yea thats about it.

i must say a rather wonderful Christmas present was my acceptance letter and scholarship to St. Peter's College. um, i laughed lol. that came on thurs, right before christmas, perfect. most likely i'm going there. and, i'm getting a car!!

well i'm going because i'm tired. haha, i have sooo much work to do.
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Time:11:13 pm
american idol is love
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Subject:soooo tired
Time:09:11 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
holla. well, today was the mission bazaar at school, a "santa sale" type thing with food, games, raffles, the
works. theres also an unofficial competition to see what class raises the most money for the mission (aka lacordaire academy's we need new dell computers fund.) seniors lost because we fucking rock!!!!!! umm, we made $530 but we still came in last place. umm watever. its over and i'm glad. work sucked today but it always does so that was not surprising. oh, and i got my check, a whopping 73 bucks. b-e-a-utiful :-/ next week i should actually make 100.

i don't think i'm going to semi, i really haven't decided. that part of my life and related areas suck right now and...i dont know why. uhhh well.

work tomorrow 11-4.
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Subject:REMEMBER ME, GUYS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Time:10:59 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
LOL. ohhhh its gooood to be back!!!!! umm, yea there really isn't an excuse for not updating; just kinda lazy, busy, tired, the usual. hmm, lemme do the update this way then:

September: school started! i was actually ready to go back. but, starting school meant the harsh reality of COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. i seriously considered where i wanted to go. i hadn't really been anywhere where i got "the feeling" that every one gets when they visit their own true college. the only place that makes me as happy and complete as being at home is being in new york city. and my wonderful parents (who, jftr, allowed me to be on the road by my lonesome at the end of august) will not let me go to school in the city. so after realizing that there was no way in hell i was going to nyc, i decided to saty home for college. i'm applying to seton hall, st. peters, caldwell, and scranton (just for kicks, my cuz went there) oh, and there was also a fun shore trip. the clam bake!! amazing..double dairy queen..and no, don't talk to me lol. so, the run down of my courses:

human anatomy---awesome
intro to politics--interesting
modern authors honors-cool
shakespeare honors-cool
american history II--amazing because of helen parker, omg i love her lol
humanities--dont even fuckin get me started on how horrible it is
lifestyles and ethics--religion course, i like it
computer graphics--easy A but its cool

October: in and around this time everyone at school kept telling me "you're soo skinny!" umm, ok no. and its really not a compliment because 1. what the fuck did i look like last year? 2..... i dunno, its weird. and a lot of issues with weight and image arised this year. i wish it could stop but i'm kinda part of the herd..i guess? i do my own thing and i'm not easily influenced. i'm losing weight for me, no guy or anything. and its not an obsession because on a given day, time, place--this big mama can put it awayyyyyyyy like no one's business lol. but weight, eating, images, its a real thing.

November: got my report 3.85 gpa? whaaaaaatttttttt, that was a shock. with work, and school, and one acts, i hardly had time to do homework. but, i guess i dont give myself enough credit. so, yea we did one acts last week. i was the lead in the musical. we did "You're a good man, charlie brown." i was...charlie brown lol. i tied for runner up with liz! that was such a surprise but a great one. then we went to 6 bros. i ordered grilled cheese with tomato and i needed a moment because it was delicious lol. thanksgiving followed and i redefined the word "eat" let me tell you lol. uhh so much food, so good. but, i bruised my stomach coz i'm not used to be being such a govone lol. i saw spongebob and it was amazing!!!!!

well, lemme go--gave you a nice update with totally incorrect grammar lol. hopefully i will do this more often.
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Current Music:birthday--which is all they friggin show on discovery health
Time:02:13 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
the summer is going waaaayyyy too fast. i can't take it. well, lemme update the shore trip:

it was really fun. i think that we've had more fun, but this was definitely a good shore trip. on thursday, we...ok, i don't remember lol. on friday, we went to marshalls, the OLD COUNTRY BUFFET which was amazing and is soooo underrated among people our age, and to see "anchorman" which is the funniest thing i've seen in a while. oh man, it was soooooooo great! liz's family birthday party was on saturday. it was fun and i ate like a pig, i'm not kidding (see below). we also talked to mark. mark will be a famous singer/songwriter in america one day. for now he's touring around and making fans in other countries. he's very talented and very sweet. he made a liz a cd with some of his songs including which no one has ever heard before! so that was cool. on sunday we went to church and the mall. and i ate like a pig again lol. throughout the trip, we went in the hot tub which was soooo relaxing. so yea, it was definitely a lot of fun!


a bagel with cream cheese
scrambled eggs
krinkle chips
4 sloppy joes
potato salad
baked beans
ice cream cake (so fucking good)
twix bar
cold cuts
scalloped potatoes
corn on the cob
trail mix
pretzels dipped in melted chocolate chips and peanut butter

and the most orgasmic of them all:
a medium-sized oreo cheesequake blizzard from dairy queen

yum yum yum and yum...no regrets lol. i went to the doctor today for my check up and i maintained the same weight since june. which means, i can afford a weekend of being a fat slob and still maintain my weight. even though i have more to lose, i'm not gonna let it rule me. but enough about that.

i sucked driving on bloomfield ave in verona-caldwell and i think my dad was really pissed about that. oh well. i know my way to school, work, and church really well. i just cant wait to drive on my own.

ok, gonna go for now. bye
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Current Music:good morning america
Time:07:42 am
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
I GOT MY LICENSE!! ok, i failed the first time so i'm extra happy lol. there is a GREAT story that goes with this. i wanna tell my friends first, but then i'll update and include the story. its a real winner lol. of course my parents want to be gay are not letting me drive by myself for a while. my mom finally said "well, i guess its up to you, when you feel that you can drive alone." and i HONESTLY said, "mom, i'm ready to drive to work, school, and church right now." but, i guess its for my own good. i'm def. not gonna fight with them.

life has been very routine the past few weeks: work, reading for summer, practicing driving and parking (yay-scratch that! lol), and just hanging around, church, laughing, worrying, stressing..all that good stuff.

uhhhhh. sooo much to do and think about!!

on thursday, i leave for the shore with liz and katie!! its going to be sooo much fun. i can't wait. my period better cease so i can enjoy the hot tub lol.

wel, today i have work from 9-3. gonna get ready

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Subject:I'M FINALLY UPDATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time:02:18 pm
ok, its been quite a while. since my last update: school ended, my 17th birthday came and went-so did my chance at becoming a licensed driver, i've been working like a bitch...and thats pretty much it. yea, i failed my road test because a hit the rear cone while i was parallel parking and thats an AUTOMATIC FAILURE. so, there you have it. i'm rescheduled for july 19th. i can definetely drive! excuse me mr. high school dropout, ugly bastard asshole road test dude-but i can assure that i will NOT be parallel parking very often in my life. everywhere i go/intend to go has a parking lot or a nearby municipal parking lot. and as far as friend's houses go, there are always spots on their streets and they have these new inventions called driveways. sooo umm, fuck off. lol.

my birthday gifts include: new york and co. gift card (was there ever any doubt?), money, pajamas, AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT TICKET and a WICKED TICKET!!!!!!! ahhh i'm excited!

my mom and sister went out today and brought me back 2 bathing suits and 3 tops. i have graduated to tankinis ::applause:: uh yea, not really.

my sister graduated grammar school. she'll be joining me at laco in september.

things that need to happen before i go down the shore with liz and katie:

1. my hair needs to be lightened. then highlighted blonde.

2. paul needs to stop making me work so i can get a pedicure!

3. i need to apply my self tanner CORRECTLY because i've decided that i'm 100% italian with irish skin. i dont fucking tan!

4. i need to lose a good 10 lbs.

and thats pretty much it. speaking of liz:

liz, i never called you back last night because my mom thought we had your number in the phonebook but it wasnt there. i thumbed through the entire thing 3 times. my mom was too busy being a great person to realize that she could have asked you for your number on the phone lol. sorry!

well gonna go, i'll be around...
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Subject:hey hey hey hey
Time:09:09 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
hey. i cannot believe that school is over in like 2 weeks and that god willing i'll be a licensed driver in 18 days. too fast people, too fast.

hershey park was soo fun last friday. i didnt go on any coasters because i dont do rides lol. i had a huge blister on my toe thanks to my cute shoes. oh well.

this was a 3 and a 1/2 day school week so that was good. i was supposed to be out with anthony tonight but we went to target, then drove around and finally he just brought we home coz we were bored. asshole lol.


if u'll excuse me, i need to go yell at people on the AI community. don't ask.

well tomorrow i have to work 10-4 then cantor. they probably nothing at night coz i'll be pooped. i think our memorial day bbq is monday..well, obviously lol.

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[icon] Average. Everyday. Sane. Psycho. SUPER GODDESS.
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