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[icon] Average. Everyday. Sane. Psycho. SUPER GODDESS.
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Subject:omg its perfect!
Time:07:24 am
Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
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Time:07:18 am

what's your inner flower?

[c] sugardew

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Current Music:three's company 48 hour marathon
Time:05:25 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
its been a while. a lot of stuff has been going on so i haven't really had the time to update. lets see: i'll just review this week because i can't remember anything for this week lol.

school was ok all week. in history we're working on powerpoints for the civil war. thank God i got a good group: michaela, erika, susana, and katie irwin. our topic is "women of the civil war" every group has all these facts and pictures but we're like "lets make it pretty" lol. no, its coming along well.

well, i'm campaigning. katie and liz worked on signs and posters for me and they are amazing. soooo sooo funny. word to wise: I HAVE TO BE VOTED PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL. I WANT THIS SO FUCKING BAD, ITS SICK i dont know what i'm going to do if i dont win. oi.

i got my nails done wednesday--blue with airbrush, makes them look silvery blue. pretty. i also got my hair cut. it just touches my shoulder. i like it.

today i went to the mall and spent my hard earned money. i needed clothes. i got:

oh, do we even need to discuss that they are from new york and company??

black pants
a white top; its one sided, thick strap with a metal circle for decoration)
2 stretch tanks (thank god i lost weight in my boobs, i dont know how i've lived without these tops) in beige and baby blue
a pair of those new flip-flop shows with the tiny heel soo cute.
a pair of underwear

i love everything:)

tomorrow i'm singing on the altar at both masses then to a baby shower for rose. i'm soo excited. i bought her gift at the mall today too. omg!! baby clothes. soo friggin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got her yellow onesies, matching bib, and booties. all from the children's place and i want to eat all of it lol.. its sooo cute!! and i got her a card from precious moments which just takes the cake.

ok, i'm off. this week is gonna be crazy because i'm doing the thesis. uhh boy.
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Time:11:36 am
What will your last words be?
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Current Music:arthur
Subject:yea, its been while..
Time:04:00 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
well hello there. the "friends" is up for a good/sad/exciting/depressing reason: "friends" is over tonight. its sad. i loooovveee the boob tube, but i'm really only in love with 4 shows: the apprentice, american idol, sex and the city and friends.

the apprentice: i gotta wait til fall for the new season
american idol: theres like 4 shows left and it wont be back for a while
sex and the city: DONE!
friends: DONE!!

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. well at least i'm getting the dvds for sex and friends (oo good book title: "sex and friends" haha:P)

there is a "friends party" tonight at michaela's house. it started with me, ashley, nicole, colleen, and jil..however, michaela quickly invited the ENTIRE grade lol. so its gonna be really fun, and sad.

prom (last friday) was fun, theres alot of other shit that went down but i aint getting into that...its ova! thats all i care about.

i have arthritis without a doubt. i'm too young to have this wtf?!!

well,gonna go..watch friends tonight!!!
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Current Music:the gay seniors being way too loud and happy at 7:30 AM
Time:07:23 am
i hope u all like my icon as much as i do..its sarah jessica parker for those of you squinting so hard at the screen trying to figure it out lol. i miss "sex and the city" :(

this weekend, wat did i do? oh yea, WORK! i worked friday,m saturday AND sunday. AND i work TODAY, TOMORROW, AND THURSDAY. boy o boy lol. well, at least next week's pay check will total 16 hours. i need the moo-lah! (hmm, there's a new yogurt called moo-lah, just thought of that...i'm ur dairy connoisseur lol) work wasnt so bad, it never is. paul (my boss) likes to bust my chops though lol. its funny. my mom knows him from doing chinese auctions (::coughs:: "tricky trays") at good shepherd. and, my dad's cousin anthony (known around nutley as JR)is the meat manager. he and paul are bffl. my last name is pretty popular there. too bad because its nutley lol. anyway, i already made my nail appointment for thursday. when i looked at the schedule i must have totally missed that. so, i cancelled for wednesday. conversation:

me: paul, was i always working thursday?
paul: yea, i think so. why?
"JR" comes walking down
me: oh well, i must have missed that. now i have to cancel my nail appointment.
paul: ur nail appointment?! :: dripping with sarcasm:: JR did u hear that--her nail appointment....why don't you take JR with you so he can get his toenails cut.

thanks paul! lol..it was really funny though.

as always, yesterday was family dinner. my cousin anthony was over for his birthday, the BIG 31. and i have to tell my whole family how i cant stand one guy i work with (no name). so i'm going on and on because he is so..fucking..uhh..my god!..stupid, gay, annoying, faggy, show off!!! so of course anthony has to pretend that i'm secretly in love with him lol..omg i'm soo not..u dont understand! he wants paul's job so bad!! whenever an old lady asked him for help he goes,

"what do u need sweetheart?"



gay, gay and more gay.

well, i'm gonna go.
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Current Music:yellowcard
Subject:hey babes...
Time:07:33 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
its been a while. i dont even know what i talked about in my last entry. so, i'll pick it up with spring break.

Holy Week: thursday, friday, and saturday were masses. everything went ok for the most part (i'm in the choir). i brought homemade pizzachiena for everyone on saturday night and of course they all died lol. on easter sunday, the choir was gathering at 12 mass. i couldnt make that mass because of family dinner preparations. but 3 masses in a row--God loves me lol.

Monday: i know i went shopping but i don't remember where. then i worked 3-7.

Tuesday-Thursday: THE LONG AWAITED SHORE TRIP WITH LIZ AND KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it went so fucking fast i can cry about it. on wednesday we saw "jersey girl". it was so cute! we liked it. we came up with some new stuff and brought up old jokes as well. soo funny. i can't wait until we go down again!! hot tub here we come!!!! lol

Friday: we went to blockbuster and rented "Kill Bill: Volume 1"(read below). after, we went to my cousin vinnie's salon. yes, hes a guy and no hes not gay, hes engaged to melissa lol. hes so great. we could finally park outside his place, hes always busy. i got my eyebrows waxed while i was there because they looked like 2 twats on top of my head lol. so i figured "what the hell." she (tina) did an awesome job. they look so nice. after that we went to Harmons because i needed to spend the 20 dollar bill in my purse lol. i bought sunless tannign foam, jergens skin firming cream, and eyeliner. so that was good. came home, ate lunch, took a shower, watched kill bill. such an amazing, awesome movie. a fucking bloodbath with flying limbs and all lol. at first it was gross and scary but you get used to it lol. i can't wait to see the 2nd one!

Today: umm, picked up my check, went to my grandmas. thats all. tonight, actually at 12:30 AM we're going to my aunts to see my cousin come in from his apartment in north carolina. i know i mentioned that he came home from iraq earlier this month. this is his first time in jersey in almost a year. yay! of course my mom was like "no, its too late" and my aunt said to her "i would do it for you" lol. so, that will be fun and happy :)

well, thats all folks. school can blow my ass, i'm not going back on monday lol.
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Time:07:25 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
i made first honors for the first time at lacordaire.

i am so happy!! i always made second honors and i have always settled for it. well, i'm pretty much putting my nose to the grindstone this year and it finally paid off. i've noticed something: the more you have on your plate, the more you aspire and work for. since my job, my work ethic has improved. its a good thing (not to sound like m-a-r-t-h-a lol)

well i'm gonna go..apprentice tonight! nick is getting kicked off :( thanks people magazine for ruining every thing!! when i told jc who was getting fired, he was like "omg u suck, uhhh, man...ehhh..i hate you" in a little faggy voice hehehehehe i love him lol.

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Subject:ok, time for an update.
Time:06:57 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
saturday was the SATs. they weren't so bad. i was actually answering the math questions not just coloring in a random bubble. the analogies were soo easy, i was so happy. but i know on the 9th i'll see my scores and shit my pants because they will be so amazingly, utterly low lol. we'll see!
after the test, my mother and i went to the mall. i needed to get a dress for prom. i'm going alone because....hmm..just because i guess. i only wanted to get something pretty, girly, and fun-not fancy. and where do i find this? it should come as no surprise that the awesome, amazing, i love you, i love you, i love you, kisses and hugs, NEW YORK & COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had this dress! thats been my store for a few years and it will forever be. my dress goes to my ankle, is pink with a beige sheeth over it, brownish branches and leaves with little pink beads accent the front of it. its double thin straps. very simple and elegant. i have no idea what shoes will be but i still have some time. i can't wait for tips! and i'll have them if i don't eat my hands off by then (y can't i stop biting my cuticles!!???) once i get the tips on i'm getting fill-ins regularly. yea, i wanted to play guitar for a really long time and i have one but...i'm not musically inclined like that. i'd rather watch a hot guy play guitar on a university's grassy terrain i'm afraid lol. if i really feel the need to transform into mozart-i'll get the tips soaked off-no biggy!

my work schedule this week is: monday (this past monday the 29th) 3-7; friday the 2nd 3-7; and saturday the 3rd 11-4. seems long but its only 13 hours. besides, its not bad at all. i like my job. i'm in the union now so i get benefits, health coverage, and vacation time. whoo hoo! i told my mom that i'm going to italy by myself next summer and i'm going to pay for the whole thing. of course she said no. umm, i'm 18 next summer, dear...step aside!!! lol.

random info:

if you are an actor who is out of work...don't worry! just appear in an old navy commercial!! (ie morgan fairchild, sherman hemsley..)

nick warnock went to st. peter's prep. oh my fucking G-O-D!!! he graduated 9 years ago! i asked my aunt if my cousin has his freshman year yearbook because nick is a senior in there. my cousin is coming home from war as we speak!!!! so as soon as he comes home i'm just gonna be like "get ur '95 yearbook..now" lol.

well gonna go...ohh school days...can't wait for college..can't wait for italy..i'm wishing my life away...

one more thing: i got "honkin on bobo" yesterday-aerosmith's new cd. its awesome. they are just..amazing. i love them. joe perry sings a song on it and while he's not the best singer, hes still such an eargasm lol.
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Subject:cute quiz:)
Time:06:56 am

You Are a Peppermint Cappuccino

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[icon] Average. Everyday. Sane. Psycho. SUPER GODDESS.
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